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• Private Lesson & Private Lessons Packages

Private lessons are the foundation of Dance Club Studio's teaching system. You'll receive a 45 minute personalized class tailored to your individual needs. Private lessons are perfect for the beginner and extremely helpful for the experienced dancer who wants to improve his/her skills. Private lessons are available from all of the instructors at Dance Club Studio, and are offered Monday thru Saturday.

• One Private Dance Lesson: $70
• Three Private Dance Lessons Package: $200
• Six Private Dance Lessons Package: $360
• Ten Private Dance Lessons Package: $550

• Group Dance Classes

Our popular Tuesday and Thursday Group Classes start at 7:30 in the evening and are the LEAST expensive price for any dance lessons in Cincinnati!...ONLY $10 per person! What an incredible value to get you on the dance floor and enjoying the art of dance! Please see our Calendar Page for dates and Dance styles featured.

• Saturday Special Event Parties

Every three weeks - Dance Club Studio will be hosting live dance bands!
Starting at $25 per person and includes - pop, water and hot dinner buffet. Feel free to bring your own alcoholic beverages, (please drink responsibly). This party will start at 7:00 pm and end at 11:30 pm. Reservations required. We'll only be selling 50 tickets.
The Best Weekend Entertainment Value in Cincinnati!

• Friday Night Karaoke Dance!

On select Fridays From 8:00 PM -12:00 Midnite, (see Calendar Page) We'll be having karaoke and dancing. We have a lot of talented singers among students and friends, and will also be featuring some singers from many of the top bands in Cincinnati. ONLY $10 per person! What an incredible value for a Friday night of fun, fellowship, karaoke singing and dancing! We'll supply hot & cold appetizers and snacks. Pop and water will also be provided. Feel free to bring your own alcoholic beverages if you drink responsibly. Come join the fun here at Dance Club Studio, Cincinnati's place to dance!

• Wedding Reception Rehearsal Party

This 2 hour event is a fun and exciting way to practice your wedding dance in front of your wedding party and parents. This will give you extra confidence at your actual wedding reception and have a great time with your loved ones. We will play some of your own music and we'll even give dance tips to your guests! We provide pop and water; you may bring your own alcohol (please drink responsibly). We respectfully request that you limit the number of guests to 20 people - adults only, please. You can even upgrade your party with catering of appetizers or a Full Meal for this special event! Some of our clients have used this party as a low-cost alternative to their rehearsal dinner! Pricing starts at $250. Reservation required.

For more info call us at: 513-752-4956 or email us at: danceclubstudio1@yahoo.com.