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“We found what we needed in Dance Club Studio and we have been with them for about 6 to 8 months. My son had worked with other dance teachers who only taught him choreography, but in this studio they worked with his technique for his interest in ballroom dancing. We like them so much that I drive him from Kentucky to Ohio for his lessons.”

Christina W., Independence, Kentucky, January 22, 2015

“My experience with Dance Club Studio has been fabulous. I had never taken ballroom dancing classes ever, and I am in my 40s now. I had just one experience dancing with the school where I teach at. A few of the teachers and I wanted to keep dancing after that, so one of the teachers found Dance Club Studio online.

I went into the group class as a complete novice. It's been about a year and a half since then, and now, I feel like I can go anywhere and dance socially. I love it! Jeff, the instructor, has created a monster, and my husband will not disagree with that. My only regret is that my husband does not join me for the classes, too!

I would suggest to anyone to absolutely try this dance studio out.”

Mary Hufford, 2014

“I started ballroom dancing about three years ago with some group classes in swing. While at one of these classes, a student of Jeff Bill told me about the Dance Club. Honestly, I only planned on taking a few classes, but I got so hooked I couldn’t stop! Since then, Jeff has taught me 12 different dances and still counting. I don’t know many instructors who know that many dances well enough to teach them all. His talent as an instructor speaks for itself when I see his other students and prior students on the dance floor looking so good! Dancing is a delight that has permeated my life so much that I can’t imagine being without it. I never dreamed at my age (late 50’s) that I would be doing this and actually dancing in front of 250 people at Dance Fest! Most of all, it is truly a joy to go to lessons and dances and meet such wonderful people I can call my friends.”

Linda McCaig, 2012

“Dance lessons with Jeff are fun and rewarding. He is a great dancer with a keen analytical eye for coaching students. We especially appreciate his emphasis on basic technique, but we've also learned a lot of great new steps from him.”

Dave and Suzanne Skidmore, 2011

“My husband, Ted, and I have been taking dance lessons with Jeff at the Dance Club for almost five years. I was the one who initiated taking classes. Ted had no interest at first. However, to my surprise, Ted became hooked! We performed cha-cha last November at Dancefest in front of 250 people. It was great! We both look forward to perfecting dance steps. Also, it is the best form of exercise possible. We enjoy the fun dances and meeting new couples that also like dancing. We are in our later fifties but dancing makes us feel like we're in our thirties!”

Ted and Patty Metcalfe, 2010

“Dance Club and Jeff Bill have had a tremendous impact on our dancing. Jeff's professionalism, style of teaching, dance abilities, and knowledge have really helped us to improve our dancing one lesson at a time, and he has helped us to enjoy the process of learning to dance together. As an added benefit, we always have fun at the many dance parties held throughout the year. Dance Club has been a huge blessing in our lives!”

Guy and Donna Hughes 2009

“My wife and I started going to DanceClub 10 years ago. We've had private lessons and coaching with Jeff, attended group lessons and parties, and danced routines in some of the shows that were put together.

Both Sylvia and I perform in dance groups now, and we still come back to DanceClub parties whenever possible, and take some lessons with Jeff. I've always appreciated his reasonable prices, and flexible scheduling.

I also like the flexibility of the lessons. There's no strict syllabus to follow, you can do waltz one lesson, samba the next..whatever you choose. You can also choose whether to focus on strict ballroom stylings, or a looser 'bar-room' style.

Jeff has always 'gone the extra mile' with us, and has helped our dancing a great deal. He's a great guy, and a great teacher.”

Bob and Sylvia Corcoran, 2008

“When I contacted The Dance Club my goals were to learn one style of dancing and find a physical activity to get involved in. I never dreamed that I would be able to take what I learned in my classes and be out on the dance floor so quickly. It’s been less than a year and I’ve already exceeded all my expectations. I have met so many nice people. Jeff Bill is a wonderful instructor, I feel very fortunate to have the chance to learn from him!”

Jodi Bates, 2007

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